Air Quality/Chemistry Naming Conventions

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Development of CF-compliant standard_names for air chemistry and aerosols - Start page.

The NetCDF Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Convention are designed to promote the processing and sharing of files created with the netCDF API. The CF conventions define metadata that provide a definitive description of what the data in each variable represents, and of their spatial and temporal properties. This enables users of data from different sources to decide which quantities are comparable, and facilitates building applications with powerful extraction, regridding, and display capabilities.

This wiki is an ad hoc virtual workgroup effort created in 2006 in order to construct new CF standard_names for air chemistry and aerosols, which will then be submitted to the [CF mailing list] for approval. The wiki is coordinated by ChristianeTextor and involves many other people, and more!.

The CF convention has been adopted for chemicals and aerosols by the following model intercomparisons (state of July 2008):

Since 2006 standard names for many species and parameters have been defined (207 in July 2008), see CF table of standard names, choose "Atmospheric Chemistry".

New standard_names are defined through a step-wise procedure, see the CF conventions web site. At the moment, many new proposals for standard names for aerosols and chemicals are under discussion at the CF mailing list. This requires the development of a general approach on how to proceed. See Construction of Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosol Terms for further discussion.

This is a temporary experiment/demo of open collaboration technologies. To be moved to a neutral, more permanent work space.


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