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The purpose of this cluster is to strenthen the Air Quality community. Each meeting will involve some business and a presentation by a member of the community.


Air Quality Cluster/Archived Air Quality Cluster Events

Air Sensors International Conference: Advancing science and engaging communities


Catalogue resources

  • Conduct a survey of AQ-specific resources at NASA data centers, OpenAQ, NOAA and EPA
  • Need dbms with an ingest interface and a search interface
  • Need persons to gather information at repositories
  • Person(s) to work with cluster to mark-up the pages to make them discoverable via search engines
  • Possible collaboration with Discovery Cluster

Document Use Cases

  • Develop use cases to present to data centers such as the ASDC and GES DISC to help drive their tool development efforts and provide value to the AQ community
    • Example: both ASDC and GES DISC are developing GIS capabilities, providing data visualizations, etc. Could we develop use cases and work with those DAACs to identify specific data sets that would be useful to the AQ community?
    • Example: work with a DAAC to develop an AQ webinar to address a specific use case
  • Technology: Design Fiction

Get Involved

  • Email List: ESIP-AQCLUSTER
  • Next meeting:
    • 4th Thursday of each month at 4pm ET
    • Please join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can also dial in using your phone. United States: [(646) 749-3129] Access Code: 414-623-901
  • Contact Chair:
    • Beth Huffer
    • Mike Little


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