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CF Cluster

The CF Cluster has expanded to include consideration of the more general problem of conventions and best practices for documenting scientific datasets in any format using a variety of dialects. This Category includes pages that are relevant to the CF Conventions.


Propose extensions to the CF naming conventions that are relevant to observational data
Create use cases and interoperability demos that demonstrate the value of CF usage in remote sensing
Provide tutorials at Federation meetings on the use of the CF conventions

Possible CF Extensions

1. Spectral bands
Define as dimension rather than coordinate variable
Pre-define band names
Pre-define by wavelength/frequency range
Proposal by Tom Whittaker
2. Data quality
Modifiers such as "percent_cloud_free"
3. Level 3-specific
Local/solar time
4. Level 2-specific
Orbital parameters/swath geometry
5. Level 1-specific
Calibration tables/engineering parameters
6, Cf/Radial
Radial data conventions for radars and lidars

netCDF and ISO

Some ideas about the relationship between the [netCDF metadata model and ISO] are available. Input on those topics are welcome.

netCDF Templates for in-situ data types

NODC has recently proposed a set of netCDF Templates for in-situ data types. These are important potential extensions to the CF Conventions.

netCDF files with groups

Here is a netCDF-4 file created by NDBC which uses groups. The THREDDS link to the dataset is here.

Developing CF standard names for data from ADCPs and current meters

Proposing Standard Names for data from Current Meters and Profilers

CF-Aware Tools

H4CF Conversion Library- provides CF-compliant access to HDF4 and HDF-EOS2 files

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NCAR's proposed CF-compliant format for fixed and mobile radars and lidars (Cf/Radial):


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