EE Related Datasets

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The EE Rule makes use of the "Weight of Evidence" approach where most weight in the submitted evidence is given to observations or qualified models. In the past States had to go through the tedious and costly process to find, access and understand these resources. Through the federated data system, DataFed, the States and the EPA Regions can access EE-relevant data from satellites, models and other sources through a single interface.

Near-Real-Time Datasets Relevant to Exceptional Events

Lee Tarnay, Yosemite National Park

Tom Moore, Western Governors' Association

  • Monitoring Trends in Burn Severity. [MTBS Project Homepage, USDA Forest Service/U.S. Geological Survey.] Available online:
  • Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product. Satellite Services Division – Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Available online:

T. Procter, 2012 Operational Smoke Forecasting Products