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AIRNOW - Surface Monitoring Data for PM2.5 and Ozone

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Description: AIRNOW is an EPA project to gather and distribute near-realtime data from several hundred continuous PM2.5 and ozone monitors.The AIRNOW system establishes the spatial and temporal patterns of the key pollutants PM2.5 and ozone. Parameters: pmfine, pm10, super
Domain: Aerosol | Platform: Network | Instrument: No Instrument | Method: FilterSmp | Type: POINT | Periodicity: HOUR | GeoRange: US | Time Period: 2002-07-01T00:00:00/Now"2002-07-01T00:00:00/Now" is not in the list (REALTIME, HIST, FORECAST) of allowed values for the "TimePeriod" property. Key Use: Exceptional Event

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The AirNOW data are obtained from the EPA AirNOW website (link). The data for each day is contained in an ASCII OBS file. In DataFed these OBS files are compiled and cached in a binary data cube which allows fast access, particularly along the time axis.

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