Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia)

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Doc #: 93 Title: Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) | Document Link
Organization/Author: Clean Air Initiative CAI
Type: "Regional Report" is not in the list (Report, Workshop, Paper, Website, Presentation, Legislation, Other) of allowed values for the "DocType" property.Regional Report
Year: 2008
Region: East Asia"East Asia" is not in the list (International, Africa, Asia, Non-Southeast, Asia, Southeast, Europe, North America, Oceania/Australia, Polar Region, South America) of allowed values for the "DocRegion" property.
Observation Type:
Observation Needs:
Document Status: Unsubmitted, 2009/08/31
Parameters: NEEDS AQ monitoring coverage PM2.5, ozone, NO2 Modeling Emission forest fires

Description of Document: Clean Air Initiative (CAI) for Asia mission is to promote and demonstrate innovative ways to improve the air quality in Asian cities through partnerships and sharing experiences. Overview state of AQ in AsiaSE, AQ Monitoring status, PM10 measurments spatial coverage in 2007. Future AQ plans and focus, still not on PM2.5, ozone and air toxics monitoring that effect the human health the most.