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Main Page? (June 19, 2006)

Hi Howard, The main page contents are not showing up for me, only the background - is this the case for you too? Erin Sorry - now it seems to work.

Help Addition/Comments (June 16, 2006)

Hi Howard, I have had a chance to briefly look at the Help:Contents page and I think the help that Rudy and I started could be easily combined with this centeral repository. On a slightly different help note, one of the AQ Naming Conventions members, Michael Schulz, had a question on reverting pages to a previous version. Using his question as a chance to add to the help, I wrote up a simple "how to" on this topic and linked to mediawiki for more information. I agree that these help pages should be listed in a central location and we should try and find a way to organize this, separating guidelines and general help etc. For now, I added my revert pages page to the help:contents page. I wasn't quite sure where to add it to the help, so right now it is just appended to the list. I will keep thinking and adding to the help and we can continue to record the process on the wiki. Thanks- Erin Robinson (ERobinson) 11:55, 13 June 2006 (EDT)

bugs&wishes (April 2006)

Hi Howard -

We have one "bug" that we can't resize uploaded images.

We have also added some wishes for the ESIP wiki. These are things that we have used in the [1]] and really like.

Erin (Student of Dr. Husar) and Rhusar 18:04, 7 May 2006 (EDT)

Response: Thanks for all the research! I have used wiki's with the input box and agree it is a useful feature. I'll see what they can do to install these. I've been scaling the images before uploading. May not be too bad to keep the storage size down, but it is a pain to not be able to adjust sizes within the wiki.
Update: Waiting for installation.HowardBurrows

wiki problem (March 2006)


Many of the links on the wiki are currently broken. It appears that someone reorganized the wiki so that all URL's need to have the path "/wiki" after the "". However, many of the existing pages don't have that in their path so they are currently "not found".

In particular, the "Web Services" link and many of the links below it are now "not found".

Can you help explain what's going on?

-- Brian

Response: We had a problem when users were accessing the wiki from two different URLs that shared the same wiki database objects. This has been fixed by eliminating the redundant URL. Please use only [[2]] and its derivatives from now on.

use case question (February 2006)

I received your question/comments. You can go ahead and review any of the use cases that are online. I am still in the process of converting and uploading the remainder. I have no problem with the renaming, but this is probably an issue that we want to bring before the working group next week.

-- Karl

Response: This was an early test of the use of the discussion page. Query answered directly.

Migration to new username? (Jan 2006)

I had already registered as kbene. It seems that I should change to KarlBenedict? If I do this, is there a way to migrate knowledge of my previous contributions, etc., or does it even matter. Should I just set up a new user and let the old one languish? Kbene

Response: I "moved" your page. That forwards all existing links. I'm hoping when you register under the new name things will take care of themselves and you will have your new page listed in the user list. Otherwise just update the redirected kbene page.