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Five most commonly used tags

1. Gray Box

This is a frequent unwanted occurrence for beginners.
It happens when you begin a line with a space
You get a nice box, like this (Here examples are shown inside such a box.):
<space>Gray Box

2. Headers

Surround text of header with "=="
Use more "===" for sub headings
Such headers are automatically placed in page Table of Contents
Unless you include __NOTOC__ anywhere on the page (and don't surround it with <nowiki> tags like I did here!)

3. Indents

Use colons at start of line (more for deeper indent)
::Use colons 

4. Bullets

  • Use stars at start of line (more for sublists)
*Use stars 

5. Links and New Page

URL's are automatic links, e.g.,
Square brackets surround links we build inside the wiki
New pages are generated by surrounding a unique, local name with square brackets (I prefix with "ESB" for links local to this page to save generic names for the admin)usually followed within the brackets by a vertical bar "|" and the text you want shown to indicate the link
[[ESB New page name|visible name]]  

Cool way to communicate group ToDo's

Rudy used this trick when preparing list of items to do in preparing a group proposal
Edit this page to see how it is done
Checkbox.png Item that needs to be done
Checkmark.png Item that has been completed


Here is an example of the simplest table (using a format that is easy to understand). Note insertion of "style" and "align" to right align the contents of the first cell.
1 2 3
4 5 6

Area for you to try it

Feel free to make test pages in the space below.
To do this, click on the "edit" tab above and page down inside the resulting text box
Type a new page between square brackets using a name like [[Sandbox_HB]]
You can type a short name in the "summary" field below the text box you have been editing (this is used in the "recent change" list to help people find edits)
Check off the minor or major edit to determine whether the change is broadcast by email to the people "watching"
Save your edited page by clicking "save page" button below the text box
The new link will appear in red--click on it to begin editing the new page in a new space.

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