Becky's Sandbox

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

Hey, I'm in! (At least I think so)

If you are here too, please understand that this is a practice area for me, Becky, to figure out how the wiki works. Later, there will be some really cool pages added to the ESIP website for teacher use. (At least, they will be cool if this wiki wants to work with me.)


How do I insert an image? Is there a place to upload images and files to this wiki and then embed them here. OK. I figured out how to insert and image. I have to figure out how to delete an image (like Big Sur, that I uploaded) and wrap words around an image, and make the image smaller. This wiki will be an education. Do I have to be a hacker to learn all this? Is this why most wikis are really boring?

I don't want a boring wiki.

Testing 123. Can I edit?