Discovery Cluster 2017 Minutes

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  • 2017 meeting minutes
    • 2017-11-03: Winter Plenary Planning 2018 Discovery_Cluster_Winter_Plenary_Planning_2018
    • 2017-01-02: Search Relevancy Mission Statement
      • Finding earth science data has been a challenging problem given both the quantity of data available and the heterogeneity of the data across a wide variety of domains. The ESIP Discovery Cluster plans to explore this topic in greater detail this year, by evaluating and documenting a variety of different approaches to improving search relevancy for earth science data. It is expected that lessons learned may come from hands-on implementations of different data discovery efforts such as NOAA’s OneStop project, NASA’s Common Metadata Repository (CMR), EarthData Search, ESRI’s Geoportal, as well as other community driven solutions.
    • 2017 Minutes
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