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Capabilities_Processor Description: [[TermDesc::This is a component that produces the standard XML Capabilities and Data Description documents for WCS and WFS services. For input It reads the Metadata Data and Cube or Point Data Configuration. It is used to produce the results for GetCapabilities, DescribeCoverage and DescribeFeatureType queries.]]

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The Title, Abstract, Keywords, Contact person etc... are read from Metadata Data and are used to create the metadata part of WCS Capabilities Document.

The list of coverages is in the Data Configuration and it is used it to fill the coverage list in the Capabilities Document.

The full description of each coverage is in the Data Configuration and is is used to create the DescribeCoverage document.

The location table information is in Location Configuration for Points and it is used to create the WFS DescribeFeatureType document.

NASA Capabilities at datafed

NASA modis4 coverage description