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WCS_Capabilities_Document Description: [[TermDesc::This is the top-level document of a service. It contains Metadata Data and a list of offered WCS Coverages. It is produced by the Capabilities Processor and used by clients.]]

Glossary Domain: WCS, AQInfrastructure

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The Document contains:

  • Metadata
  • List of Coverages.

NASA service at datafed


  • Description of the Service
    • Title=NASA
    • Abstract=Some datasets provided by NASA.
  • Keywords Domain:Aerosol etc...
  • Contact information
  • HTTP access information
  • List of coverages in the service
    • Identifier=firepix
    • Title=Fire Information for Resouce Management System
    • Abstract=The CMG fire products are gridded statistical summaries of fire pixel information intended for use in regional and global modeling. The products are provided in 0.5 degree spatial resolution in monthly and 8 day time periods.
    • Latitude and Longitude bounds = whole world