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WCS_Describe_Coverage_Document_For_Points Description: [[TermDesc::This document is the detailed description of a WCS coverage. It contains the geographical range, the time dimension of the coverage, fields, location dimensions of the field, and field information like units. The Capabilities Processor produces this by clients request.]]

Glossary Domain: WCS

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Term Details

DescribeCoverage for CIRA/VIEWS

       <ows11:Title>Visibility Information Exchange Web System</ows11:Title>
  • Latitude and Longitude bounds in EPSG:4326 and WGS 84 projections. This is regardless what the data projection is.
       <ows11:BoundingBox crs="urn:ogc:def:crs:EPSG::4326" dimensions="2">
           <ows11:LowerCorner>+18.0000 -161.0000</ows11:LowerCorner>
           <ows11:UpperCorner>+65.0000 -64.0000</ows11:UpperCorner>
  • Time dimension
  • Fields of Coverage. The example is the first on the list.
    • Human Readable Title
       <ows11:Title>Carbon Extinction (Fine) (organic)</ows11:Title>
    • Machine Readable Identifier

    • Data Definition. Value can be any number, datatype is IEEE 32 bit float and Units Of Measure is CIRA specific code, to be updated with human readable name later.
    • Location dimension
       <Axis identifier="location">
    • Datafed convention. The key is a WFS call to get the location table.
    • Human readable explanation for the dimension

At the very end:

  • Supported Formats: The more natural text/csv is recommended and application/octet-stream is widely used legacy mime type for CSV.