AQ Network From Virtual to Real

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)

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Workshop Rationale

Air quality data for Decision Support Systems and Science Teams are typically delivered through closed and dedicated data systems, so called "stovepipe" systems. Users may also download the needed data from any of the Data Portals and then decode, reformat and prepared data for use through tedious, manual procedures. Two decades of genuine effort by Facilitating Initiatives, the dramatic advances in web-based communication technologies and the new social networking phenomena yielded only marginal advances toward seamless flow from data providers to users. Recently, a pilot air quality data sharing network emerged, that enables several major air quality data hubs to share data through standards-based, loosely coupled web services. A real, operational version of this network could serve as a non-intrusive data sharing infrastructure for programs and integrating initiatives that support air quality management, enrich atmospheric science and inform the general public.

Workshop Purpose

At the workshop, practitioners from Europe and North America will assess the current state of the network; identify key issues, share best practices and develop concrete plans(??) to move(?) the emerging voluntary air quality data sharing network from virtual to real.