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Meeting Agenda - Usability Cluster - 2018-05-02 1PM EDT




Review of Connor's content for the "Usability Test Script"
  1. Presentation on "Measuring User Experience" Postponed until later
  2. Discussion of the Framework's "Post-Test Reflection" section



Review of Connor’s content for the “Usability Test Script”
    • Pre-test Survey developed in Google Forms:
      • How will you use this information after the test?
      • Team provided suggestions for improvement of questions
      • Consider reducing the number of questions ask to avoid question fatigue
      • Think about questions you are trying to answer and what you need to ask to get answers to those questions.
      • Mock analysis: Go through questions yourself and answer, then look at results and ask yourself “what does this mean that someone responded in this way?” What will you do with the responses?
    • Usability Test Itself
      • Test usually take longer than you would expect. Users need time to explore the application
      • Question from Bob: Will users come with their own data or will you give them data?
        • Data will be streaming data already loaded into database
        • Bob: good to provide explanation of the data that people will be expected to use for the test
        • Connor: need to do pilot testing to make sure I give them enough information
        • Bob: Assume they know nothing
      • We want to make sure that both the scenarios and task will lead to the answers that you are trying to find.