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Welcome to the Usability Cluster
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ESIP Usability Cluster Vision

To foster the adoption of usability research and evaluation techniques for all user-facing capabilities provided by archives and repositories.

About Us

The Usability Cluster aims to discuss the applicability of using User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) principles and techniques in evaluating and enhancing the services offered by data archives/repositories. In particular, the cluster will review usability principles and common usability evaluation techniques as well as the different areas in which these principles and techniques could be applied in a data archive/repository setting. The cluster will also collect and annotate usability resources, such as usability evaluation tools and relevant conference/publications, as well as perform usability case studies. Ultimately, the cluster aims to demonstrate through practical examples that UI/UX analysis and design need not be burdensome in order to yield immediate results and that these experiences could be shared with the great community to enhance user interactions with the data archives/repositories as a whole.


Telecon Notes




  • 2014-07-15: Original Cluster Created.


Get Involved

  • Cluster Contacts: Toni Rosati

Active Collaborations

National Snow and Ice Data Center


Usability Research Papers

What links here: Usability Usability