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Meeting Agenda - Usability Cluster - 2016-09-07 1PM EDT

Link to the Meeting Notes: Meeting Notes

  • Telecon Instructions:
  • Join the meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can also dial in using your phone.
  • United States: +1 (872) 240-3212
  • Access Code: 194-160-661

1. Review and finalize the Cluster's Purpose/Objective:

  • The Usability Cluster aims to discuss the applicability of using User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX) principles and techniques in evaluating and enhancing the services offered by data archives/repositories. In particular, the Cluster will review usability principles and common usability evaluation techniques as well as the different areas in which these principles and techniques could be applied in a data archive/repository setting. The Cluster will also collect and annotate usability resources, such as usability evaluation tools and relevant conference/publications, as well as perform usability case studies. Ultimately, the Cluster aims to demonstrate through practical examples that UI/UX analysis and design need not be burdensome in order to yield immediate results and that these experiences could be shared with the great community to enhance user interactions with the data archives/repositories as a whole.

2. Election of Cluster Chair(s):

  • Cluster Chair Responsibilities per ESIP staff -
  • Chair = facilitator and main delegator (i.e., not “doer of everything”). Things that should be facilitated/delegated:
  • Organize a regular meeting and making sure interested ESIP folks know about it.
  • Facilitate the discussion on how the Cluster will document its work, then making sure this decision is captured on the Cluster’s wiki page.
  • If notes/actions result from the meeting, ensure that someone is documenting those and adding them to a public place where others can find them (per the decision above).
  • Identify a Co-Chair/Vice-Chair so if/when the Chair cannot facilitate the actions of the Cluster, there is someone who can.
  • Attend most of the meetings (can’t facilitate/delegate if you aren’t there); if a Chair cannot attend most meetings, schedule may need to be addressed or Chair position reassigned.
  • Facilitate conversation regarding Cluster’s actions at Summer/Winter meetings and in between
  • Facilitate identifying how the Cluster’s goals/actions align with the ESIP Strategic Plan (
  • Communicate any Cluster needs, issues, etc. to ESIP Leadership. This can be done by contacting a member of the ESIP staff ( and/or Executive Committee
  • Have fun and make earth science data friends. :)
  • Co-Chair = shares in the work of facilitating/delegating, and first in command for items the Chair has delegated to them
  • Helps the Chair with items above.
  • Also have fun and make earth science data friends.

3. Identifying how the Cluster’s goals/actions align with the ESIP Strategic Plan (

  • GOAL 1: Increase the use and value of Earth science data and information.
  • GOAL 2: Strengthen the ties between observations and user communities (e.g. technologies, research, education and applications).
  • GOAL 3: Promote techniques to articulate and measure the socioeconomic value and benefit of Earth science data, information and applications.
  • GOAL 4: Position ESIP to play a major role in Earth science issues (e.g. addressing effects of climate change mitigation, adaptation and supporting sustainable science data infrastructure).

4. Activities for the Remainder of 2016

  • Overview of usability techniques?
  • October: Usability Testing - in person vs. virtual / Comparison with Focus Group
  • November: Heuristic Evaluation and Cognitive Walkthrough
  • December: Heatmapping and Eyetracking