USWRP Workshop on Air Quality

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Doc #: 45 Title: USWRP Workshop on Air Quality | Document Link
Organization/Author: W. Dabberdt
Year: 2006
Region: North America
Observation Type:
Observation Needs:
Document Status: Unsubmitted, 2009/08/31

Description of Document: Research needs to improve AQ Forecasting - experts/stakeholders, emphasis on meteorological aspects
Satellite: Advancing measurement technology allows the deployment of real-time in situ sensors in dense surface networks and on mobile platforms, and remote sensing instruments at the surface and on satellite platforms that can acquire needed data with sufficient temporal and spatial resolution.

The use of satellite data to constrain air-chemistry to specify initial conditions and boundary conditions for AQF modeling has considerable potential. Because the vertical and horizontal scales of satellite retrievals of air chemistry species vary greatly, the optimum use of various satellite products that could provide model constraints on column totals of air-chemistry species needs to be explored.