Telecon (2022-05-04)

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Colin Smith

Agenda & Notes

Meeting notes are italicized.

IMCR road map

  • What products should the IMCR release before entering a period of hiatus?
    • The IMCR controlled vocabulary could serve metadata annotation. Check if there is an ontology covering these concepts or if one should be created.
  • What aspects of IMCR should be deprecated?
    • The code registry implementation in OntoSoft and maintained by a centralized IMCR committee is a top down implementation that requires significant maintenance and does not scale. A bottom up approach to tagging code with IM concepts (e.g. CodeMeta) would be better. If deprecation of this resource occurs then these should also be:
  • Are there facets of IMCR that should be folded into another cluster/project or spun-up into a new cluster?
    • The original intent of the IMCR was to provide a resource for discovering code snippets performing some information management task related to a data repository and community of users. An alternative implementation might be a GitHub organization repo containing community contributions submitted as pull requests.

Review and update communications strategy

  • A communications document to solicit outside input on the final developments of IMCR should be drafted.

Action items & Note

  • Discuss these ideas with IMCR contributors in the June meeting.