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OMI NO2 and Georgia/Florida Smoke Illustrations -- Rhusar Jul 16, 2007 1:10 AM

Hi, Following a request form Steve Young, we have prepared a simple screencast on the May 2007 Georgia/Florida smoke event which is also an Exceptional Event, subject of regulatory actions by Neil Frank & Co at OAQPS. Rich Scheffe and Rich Poirot may be interested in the multi sensor/network/organisational data integration. Frank Lindsay and Lawrence Friedl may like the use of satellite data for AQ analysis. The 1min 30sec GA/FL Smoke screencast is a flash file on our server and on YouTube. The Google Earth file with the corresponding data is here for those interested in recreational exploratory data analysis. Another 1 min 30 sec screencast is a preliminary OMI NO2 analysis, possibly useful for NOX emission verification. It is available as flash and YouTube video. The Google Earth file that was used for the recording is also here. Needless to say, the all data are accessible through GEOSS-compliant standard web services and being registered in the master GEOSS registry. Enjoy!