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OMI NO2 and Georgia/Florida Smoke Illustrations -- Rhusar Jul 16, 2007 1:10 AM

Hi, Following a request form Steve Young, we have prepared a simple screencast on the May 2007 Georgia/Florida smoke event which is also an Exceptional Event, subject of regulatory actions by Neil Frank & Co at OAQPS. Rich Scheffe and Rich Poirot may be interested in the multi sensor/network/organisational data integration. Frank Lindsay and Lawrence Friedl may like the use of satellite data for AQ analysis. The 1min 30sec GA/FL Smoke screencast is a flash file on our server and on YouTube. The Google Earth file with the corresponding data is here for those interested in recreational exploratory data analysis. Another 1 min 30 sec screencast is a preliminary OMI NO2 analysis, possibly useful for NOX emission verification. It is available as flash and YouTube video. The Google Earth file that was used for the recording is also here. Needless to say, the all data are accessible through GEOSS-compliant standard web services and being registered in the master GEOSS registry. Enjoy!

Re: OMI NO2 and Georgia/Florida Smoke Illustrations -- SYoung Jul 16, 2007 8:36 AM

Thanks Rudy. Just viewed it on YouTube -- excellent! Sorry I won't see you in person in Madison. Cheers,

Re: OMI NO2 and Georgia/Florida Smoke Illustrations -- FLindsay Jul 16, 2007 8:53 AM

Many thanks Rudy! I have sent these links around to all the atmospheric scientists here at HQ. This will further our work on exploring new uses for these data and how to best visualize them. Thanks to your team. best

Re: Re: OMI NO2 and Georgia/Florida Smoke Illustrations -- Rhusar Jul 16, 2007 2:31 PM

Frank, All: Thanks. Please think of these illustrations as evolving teasers. (The OMI-NO2 movie was just updated). If any of you have application ideas or wishes, please let us know. We are now idea-limited, particularly short of ideas from your diverse perspectives.

EPA Presentation -- SYoung Jul 27, 2007 10:27 AM

Dear WUSTLers: I am preparing a presentation for my political boss for next week and would like to show her some of the material but need to do it probably in static PowerPoint form. Could you please send me images as JPEGs or similar for key pieces, and if you have the videos in WMV format, the videos too? It appears that EPA has blocked YouTube or at least we have some security issue that seems to prevent viewing the videos in Flash or YouTube within our environment... (whereas I can view them at home with no problem!)

I'd like to see what I can package together to present in off-line mode next week; need whatever you can send ASAP, thanks, the actual briefing is Wednesday 8/1. Thanks!! Cheers,

Re: EPA Presentation -- Erin Robinson (ERobinson) 17:26, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

Steve, Here material for the OMI NO2 presentation :

Re: EPA Presentation -- Rhusar Jul 29, 2007 6:28 PM

Hi Steve, In addition to what Erin has provided, for your consideration, I made another PPT slide (also attached) expanding on the utility of the OMI NO2 data for emission characterization.

NO2 Movie -- FLindsay 17:45, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

Hi Erin, many thanks for all your help with these cool NO2 movies. Any chance you could send Ernie the movie file directly... he wanted the highest quality (not u-tube) for a talk on Monday. He's been great in helping put forward this work in the broad AQ community. Here's his email... and thanks!!

Re: NO2 Movie -- Erin Robinson (ERobinson) 17:47, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

Hi Ernie, Here are links to a few versions of the OMI NO2 movie:

Let me know if you need these to be bigger or a different format

Problem in accessing OMI netCDF data from DataFed -- BCaron 16:47, 9 October 2007 (CDT)

Hi Rudy and Stefan, We are trying to pull OMI data via WCS as NetCDF files and are having some problems with the results. Who can we contact about this?

Re: Problem in accessing OMI netCDF data from DataFed -- Rhusar 21:49, 9 October 2007 (CDT)

Bruce, you can use this page to discuss dataset=related issues.

Re: Re: Problem in accessing OMI netCDF data from DataFed -- Marty Landsfeld (Mlandsfeld) 16:46, 10 October 2007 (EDT)

To be more specific, we are using the DataFed WCS service to download OMI data and it appears that all the values bogus. We have looked at the OMI_AI_G and OMI_AI_G_OL datasets NO2 variables and find that the values for NO2 are populated with missing values. The latitude and longitude variables look fine so I don't think it is a byte order problem. Here is a typical description output from an IDL script for a downloaded "NetCDF n-dim cube" file of OMI_AI_G data for day 2007-08-25:

IDL> netcdf_test, '', /cat_file

Dimensions 3

time 1
lat 720
lon 1440

time (DOUBLE ) Dimension Ids = [ 0 ]

Attribute long_name=Time
Attribute axis=T
Attribute units=milliseconds from 1970-01-01

lat (DOUBLE ) Dimension Ids = [ 1 ]

Attribute long_name=Latitude
Attribute axis=Y
Attribute units=degrees_north

lon (DOUBLE ) Dimension Ids = [ 2 ]

Attribute long_name=Longitude
Attribute axis=X
Attribute units=degrees_east

NO2Trop_adv (FLOAT ) Dimension Ids = [ 2 1 0 ]

Attribute units=�
Attribute _FillValue= -NaN
Attribute missing_value= -NaN

lat stats
double   mean      std dev      minimum      maximum   n_elements
      0.00000       51.998      -89.875       89.875   (720) = 720

lon stats:
double   mean      std dev      minimum      maximum   n_elements
      0.00000       103.96      -179.88       179.88   (1440) = 1440

NO2Trop_adv stats:<br />
float    mean      std dev      minimum      maximum   n_elements
         -NaN         -NaN         -NaN         -NaN   (1440,720) = 1036800

GES DISC OMI NO2 WCS server -- Wyang 8 February 2008 (EST)

Dear all, GES DISC's NO2 WCS server has been deployed in operation mode. Please configure your client to the following new OPS url: Please note that there are missing days in our production, although we advertise a continuous temporal availability from 9/29/2004 to 10/30/2007. If the temporal extent of a request covers some missing days, fill values will be returned for days missing. On the other hand,if the a temporal extent includes missing days only without any usable value, the server will return an exception telling client the no data can be provided. This later case is to prevent completely useless operation. Please let me know if you find any problems or have any comments. Thanks, Wenli

Re: GES DISC OMI NO2 WCS server -- Wyang 14 February 2008 (EST)

Kari, Stefan, and Rudy,

We also deployed a server in operational mode for OMI UVB products which include two variables: Erythemally Weighted Daily Dose and Erythemally> Weighted Daily Dose Rate at Local Solar Noon. The temporal extent is from 2004-08-17 to 2006-02-05.

The followings are the getCapabilities and describeCoverage URLs:>> Please let me know if you find any problems or have any comments.Thanks,Wenli

Re: Re: GES DISC OMI NO2 WCS server -- Rhusar 14 February 2008 (EST)

Gee guys, any reason not also offer the 0.25 deg OMI data? The increasedspatial texture would sure help the air quality analysis, interpretation. Thanks R

Re: Re: Re: GES DISC OMI NO2 WCS server -- Wyang 14 February 2008 (EST)

NO2 is in 0.25-degree resolution, while UVB is 1.0-degree. UV Aerosol index is in 0.25-degree. This variable is included in the O3 product. I tested my server for O3 and got an error for some recent files. It looks like that there is some change in this product. I'll do some more tests before the server can be put into operation.Wenli

Re: Re: Re: Re: GES DISC OMI NO2 WCS server -- Gregory Leptoukh (Leptoukh) 14 February 2008 (EST)

Guys, OMI has switched to a new collection with changes in format and resolution. We are in the process of assessing the "damage" and updating our tools. WMS/WCS from Giovanni for OMI, for example, will be available in a couple of weeks. Wenli might do faster :-)