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More information needed for breakout sessions -- rich scheffe (Rscheffe) 16:22, 31 January 2008 (EST)

Louis, In addition to the suggestions on the wiki, we need to generate questions, and guidance (using figures, etc.) for the breakout sessions. Some of the materials used to guide the presenters may be useful, but we need to develop an easy to follow package for the session leads, and arrange for a call with them next week.

Re: More information needed for breakout sessions -- NMangus

A little guidance for the note takers would also be helpful. More so on logistics - how are we going to compare the notes 1 and notes 2 persons'materials and have it summarized for the summary sessions? (That is, do we need bullets only, or bullets for the summary and longer notes for a real meeting summary...) Are the session leaders giving the report outs with materials from the note takers? I guess maybe we need to invite the note takers to any session lead discussions. Sorry if this was covered and I missed it...