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Breakout Groups: As a group we are faced with the challenge of populating the 7 breakout groups that will occur during the Data Summit; it is anticipated that each participant will be in 2 breakout groups (first afternoon, A1 – D1; second morning, A2 – C2). To facilitate the process of breakout group assignments, we have taken the liberty of identifying potential articipants for each group; some of these assignments appear logical, others may seem somewhat arbitrary. See the attached tables. If you wish to be in other groups please let us know that by COB Monday, February 4 via e-mail; a first and a second choice would be helpful. Also, if somehow we missed you, please let us know what your self-assignments are. Remember though, that generally it is not in our mutual interest to have multiple people from the same office in the same breakout roups, if that can be avoided. If you know that you will not be attending, we would appreciate receiving that information, also.

Co-Chairs/facilitators are identified; you should know who you are. We also have identified two note takers for each breakout group, one to record a sense of the dialogue and the other to capture key points on a flipchart. If you will not be able to serve in those capacities, please let us know that.

Breakout Session: AQ Needs

Breakout Session: IT Opportunities


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