Survey of Air Quality Monitoring

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Doc #: 26 Title: Survey of Air Quality Monitoring | Document Link
Organization/Author: Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Research (CENR) Air Quality Research Subcommittee (AQRS)
Year: 2009
Region: North America
Observation Type:
Observation Needs:
Document Status: Submitted, 2009/08/31

Description of Document: prepared by Committee on Environment and Natural Resources Research (CENR) and AQRS. Based on analysis of various monitoring networks offers needs and issues, opportunities, and barriers to progress to improve future monitoring systems. meant for managers and resource decision makers

Satellite: Satellite remote sensing observations also have inherent limitations, and particularly require intercomparison with fixed-network and short-term field monitoring and model data.

Satellite remote sensing of air quality and emissions is rapidly maturing in its capability to augment and extend the spatial and temporal coverage of networks of fixed site monitoring and special studies.

Use of data from advanced technologies, including satellites, is retarded by inadequate resources for transferring data and tools for data manipulation to the user community.

collocate instrumentation at core monitoring sites to facilitate inter-comparison with satellite observations,