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Links a given operationName (mandatory attribute of SV_OperationMetadata) with a data set identified by an 'identifier'

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 srv:scopedName 0..1 gco:ScopedName Scoped identifier of the resource in the context of the given service instance
NOTE: name of the resources (i.e. dataset) as it is used by a service instance (e.g. layer name or featureTypeName).
2 srv:resourceReference 0..* cit:CI_Citation Mandatory if srv:resource is not present.
Only srv:resourceReference or srv:resource may be used, not both.

Reference to the dataset on which the service operates
3 srv:operation 0..1 srv:SV_OperationMetadata
4 srv:resource 0..* mri:MD_DataIdentification Mandatory if srv:resourceReference is not present.
Only srv:resource or srv:resourceReference may be used, not both.

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