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:[[P&S Avoiding Duplicate Metadata Records|Avoiding Duplicate Metadata Records]]  
:[[P&S Avoiding Duplicate Metadata Records|Avoiding Duplicate Metadata Records]]  
:[[Federation Inventory]]
:[[Federation Inventory]]
== Metadata Clearinghouses for ESIP Products and Services ==
:[http://www.echo.nasa.gov ECHO]
:[http://www.gcmd.nasa.gov GCMD]
:[http://gcmd.nasa.gov/KeywordSearch/Home.do?Portal=esip&MetadataType=0 GCMD ESIP Data Portal]
:[http://gcmd.nasa.gov/KeywordSearch/Home.do?Portal=esip_svcs&MetadataType=1 GCMD ESIP Data Services Portal]
:[http://gos2.geodata.gov/wps/portal/gos Geospatial One-Stop]
== Metadata Resources & Data Standards ==
== Metadata Resources & Data Standards ==

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Chair: Christine White, Esri


Monthly Teleconference[edit | edit source]

The Products and Services group has a regular monthly telecon (currently) on 3rd Tuesday of every month at 2 pm EST.

Next Meeting: Tue, February 18, 2pm – 3pm Eastern The telecon call-in information for these meetings are below:

Dial: 1-877-668-4493
Access Code: 23140358 #

Testbed[edit | edit source]

The purpose of the Products and Services Testbed is to provide an environment where innovations in prototype standards, services, protocols, and best practices can be explored and evaluated. The testbed serves as a forum for innovative collaboration across all sectors of the Federation to improve availability and access to our member products and services for mutual benefit.

Enter the ESIP testbed[edit | edit source]

Committee E-mail List[edit | edit source]


Yearly Highlights[edit | edit source]

2013 highlights/report given at the 2014 Winter ESIP Federation Meeting

Meeting & Telecon Minutes:[edit | edit source]

Please see the P&S Telecon Minutes page.

Topics of Interest[edit | edit source]


Testbed Projects & RFP
Documentation, Lifecycle, and ESIP Utilization of Testbed Projects
FUNding Friday Revamp


Improving metadata compliance within ESIP Federation
Metadata for data quality, services, and provenance
Representation of versioning
Peer-reviewed datasets
Permanent dataset names, parameter names, registries, and identifiers
Metadata harvesting and exchange and associated catalog services
Client access to catalogs
Service quality
Data Quality
Avoiding Duplicate Metadata Records
Federation Inventory

Metadata Resources & Data Standards[edit | edit source]

Metadata Clearinghouses for ESIP Products and Services[edit | edit source]

GCMD ESIP Data Portal
GCMD ESIP Data Services Portal

Metadata Standards[edit | edit source]

ECHO Data Model