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Use Case Background and Purpose

As a cluster, we're still refining the process we will use to approach capturing and documenting our use cases.

For now, we have a strawman broad outline of categories. Our hope is that this will grow to cover the breadth of Earth Science, including our variety of users and the entire data life cycle.

The use cases are intended to be characteristic of classes of scenarios, and needn't be a specific real-world case, but including realistic elements can help make the use case concrete for readers, and tying to real world type cases they can relate to.

The scope of a particular use case should be a reasonable scenario describing some aspect of preservation/stewardship of data. It can refer back to other cases to avoid replication.

Use Case Template


  • Brief description of the use case, addressing who is the intended audience and/or key reasons why someone may be interested in the example.


  • Goal or intended focus of the use case, more specific and narrow then the summary.


  • Will vary depending on the scenario. Usually those who have a role in the use case. This includes relevant experts, possible contributors or users of the data specified in the case.

Sequence of Events

  • Steps, in order of occurrence (where possible) detailing the actions and events of the use case.

PCCS artifacts

  • List of PCCS categories and associated content.

Use Case Categories

Use Case Workshop, ESIP Summer Meeting 2013

Document links: Workshop Notes

AGU poster on the Use Case Activities

Draft version of the poster