Preservation Use Case Resource Discovery

From Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)


  • a person needing data
  • data centers with relevant data
  • search engine providers
  • friends or colleagues near by who might know where to start


  • User
    • User enters keywords related to their needs
    • User examines first page of results to see if anything matches
    • If anything looks relevant they click through to examine it in more detail
    • Otherwise they try another search
    • This results in a list of potential sources
  • Data centers
    • Research relevant search terms for your data sets
    • Optimize data set landing page and other relevant web pages
      • Add relevant data set descriptors to relevant pages
    • Track terms being used and progress in where you are showing up in search results
    • Establish cross-links with other relevant sites
    • Iterate
  • Search engine providers
    • Index the web

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