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Spring 2018 Class

The following applications have been submitted for the upcoming ESIP New Member Class.

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Harte Research Institute- ESIP-III (primarily applications and education)

The Coastal Marine and Geospatial Science Laboratory of HRI seeks a better understanding of the dynamic links between geomorphology, sediments, hydrology, climate, and biology that create the various environments of coastal zones.

Full Application: [1]

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Batelle National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON)- ESIP-II (primarily a research center)

NEON is a continental-scale ecological observation facility, sponsored by the National Science Foundation and operated by Battelle, that gathers and synthesizes data on the impacts of climate change, land use change and invasive species on natural resources and biodiversity.

Full Application: [2]

NOTE: NEON's application has been withdrawn. NEON exercised their right to move their existing membership to the new ESIP organization and as such does not need to re-apply for membership.