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Winter 2023 Class[edit | edit source]

Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment, University of Florida - ESIP-II[edit | edit source]

The Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment (ESSIE) is a unique cross-disciplinary school at the University of Florida. ESSIE continues to improve and advance sustainability through a nexus of the civil, coastal, environmental and oceanographic programs. ESSIE is comprised of the Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering (CCE) and the Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences (EES).

ESSIE offers broad-based, yet cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate programs. Undergraduates have a choice of two exceptional undergraduate degree programs, one leading to a B.S. in Civil Engineering and the other a B.S. in Environmental Engineering. Each program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET. Both programs provide options for a combined bachelor's/master's degree (i.e., "4-1 Program") in which students may double-count graduate course credit to accelerate progress toward a master's degree.

The school also provides multiple master's and doctorate programs in three major disciplines: Civil Engineering, Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering, and Environmental Engineering Sciences. Instilling excellence in teaching, research, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship are ESSIE's highest priorities. A growing number of our undergraduate and graduate students are participating in a college-wide initiative to foster concomitant training in entrepreneurship, innovation, and leadership skills in engineering.

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