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Summer 2021 Class

Case Consultants International - ESIP-II

CASE consultants make global warming science relevant and actionable for communities, business sectors, and policy makers. Based on use-inspired products, we develop projects that improve outcomes in a changing climate. Proven leaders in climate services, CASE consults in climate change adaptation, sustainability, and resilience. CASE subject matter experts inform science-based decisions from international policy to local community planning.

Full Application: [1]

Earth Big Data, LLC - ESIP-III

Earth Big Data focuses on bringing Earth Observation data from remote sensing instruments via cloud computing solutions to analysis ready data for science application to solve environmental challenges at all geographic scales.

Full Application: [2]

Ocean Data Alliance - ESIP-V

Ocean Data Alliance is a consortium of businesses, scientists, journalists, and data professionals collaborating on ocean and earth geospatial solutions to urgent ocean challenges.

Full Application: [3]