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Spring 2022 Class[edit | edit source]

Australian Research Data Commons - ESIP-I[edit | edit source]

Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC) is funded by the Australian Federal Government under the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure (NCRIS) Strategy.

The ARDC enables the Australian research community and industry access to national significant, data intensive digital research infrastructure, platforms, skills and collections of high quality data.

The Australian research community includes the solid Earth, environmental, marine and biodiversity communities. In the past decades, ARDC has been actively collaborating with members of the Australian National Earth and Environmental Science Facilities Forum (NEESFF) including the Integrated Marine Observing Service (IMOS), the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), AuScope, National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) and Geoscience Australia, all of whom are existing partners in ESIP.

Full Application: [1]

Synoptic Data PBC - ESIP-III[edit | edit source]

Synoptic Data PBC is a leader in the aggregation and dissemination of real-time weather data. With more than 350 networks and 70,000 plus stations, Synoptic provides a one-stop shop for government agencies, private industry, and the general public for easy access to mission-critical data.

Full Application: [2]