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Becoming a new Partner[edit | edit source]

Federation Constitution Article III
"Any entity engaged in activities pursuant to the goals and objectives of the ESIP Federation shall be eligible to join. Specifically, ESIP Federation Partners (ESIPs) will be expected to contribute substantively to the provision of improved products and services based on Earth science. ESIP contributions and expertise will include, but will not necessarily be limited to, one or more of the following activities: archiving and distributing remotely sensed and ground based data; the scientific development, provision, and support of data and information products and services; and the development of Earth science applications. In addition, ESIPs may include major financial or in-kind supporters of the ESIP Federation's activities."
"New ESIP's may be added to each ESIP category upon application to the Partnership Committee (see Article VI), review and presentation by the Partnership Committee of candidate qualifications to the ESIP Federation Assembly (see Article IV), and upon receipt of approval by two-thirds vote of the entire ESIP Federation Assembly."

Application Form[edit | edit source]

To apply to become a Partner in the ESIP Federation, please complete the following form and follow the directions in its header:
Partnership Application Form

Applications posted for review[edit | edit source]

Please review the following applications by May 14, 2006:
Partnership Applications

Partnership Committee Members[edit | edit source]

Howard Burrows
Stefan Falke
Michelle Hall
Annette Schloss
David Skole