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Requirement to be satisfied by the planned data acquisition

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mac:citation 0..1 cit:CI_Citation Identification of reference or guidance material for the requirement
2 mac:identifier 1 mcc:MD_Identifier Unique name, or code, for the requirement
3 mac:requestor 1..* cit:CI_Responsibility Origin of requirement
4 mac:recipient 1..* cit:CI_Responsibility Person(s), or body(ies), to recieve results of requirement
5 mac:priority 1 mac:MI_PriorityCode Relative ordered importance, or urgency, of the requirement
6 mac:requestedDate 1 mac:MI_RequestedDate Required or preferred acquisition date and time
7 mac:expiryDate 1 gco:DateTime Date and time after which collection is no longer valid
8 mac:satisifiedPlan 0..* mac:MI_Plan Plan that identifies solution to satisfy the requirement

ISO Legend

Possible Parent Elements

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