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ElementsDefinition and Recommended Practice
1identifier1..*Description: Registered code used to identify the objective Postion: 1 shortName: targetIdSee MD_Identifier
2priority0..*Description: priority applied to the target Position: 3 shortName: trgtPrioritySee CharacterString
3type0..*Description: collection technique for the objective Position: 4 shortName: trgtTypeSee ISO_19115_and_19115-2_CodeList_Dictionaries#MI_ObjectiveTypeCode
4function0..*Description: function performed by or at the objective Position: 5 shortName: trgtFunctsearch
5extent0..*Description: extent information including the bounding box, bounding polygon, vertical and temporal extent of the objective Position: 6 shortName: trgtExtent
6sensingInstrument0..*Definition neededSee MI_Instrument
7pass0..*Definition neededSee MI_PlatformPass
8objectiveOccurence1..*Definition neededSee MI_Event

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