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Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 gex:description 0..1 gco:CharacterString Mandatory when gex:geographicElement, gex:temporalElement, and gex:verticalElement are not present.

When there are multiple extents, this field is useful for identifying each extent.
extent: (EX_Extent)
geographicElement: (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
westBoundLongitude: -171.76409
eastBoundLongitude: -157.86768
southBoundLatitude: -14.42443
northBoundLatitude: 21.31573
temporalElement: (EX_TemporalExtent)
beginPosition: 2010-05-17
endPosition: 2010-06-16

extent: (EX_Extent)

description: KingmanPalmyra_line_100
geographicElement: (EX_GeographicBoundingBox)
westBoundLongitude: -162.14217
eastBoundLongitude: -161.55155
southBoundLatitude: 4.94414
northBoundLatitude: 5.28984
temporalElement: (EX_TemporalExtent)
beginPosition: 2010-06-05T12:00:17
endPosition: 2010-06-05T15:15:37
2 gex:geographicElement (choose one) 0..* gex:EX_BoundingPolygon
Mandatory when gex:description, gex:temporalElement, and gex:verticalElement are not present.

Geographic extent of the resource. At a minimum, provide the GeographicBoundingBox, because most discovery systems rely on this section for spatial searches. Not required when resource is non-geospatial and the scopeCode = 'nonGeographicDataset'.
3 gex:temporalElement (choose one) 0..* gex:EX_TemporalExtent
Mandatory when gex:description, gex:geographicElement, and gex:verticalElement are not present.

Temporal extent of the resource. Describe the time period covered by the content of the resource or the date and time range when the data was collected. The use of multiple temporal extents should be explained in the attribute description of the extent. If the resource has a status of 'ongoing' then use the indeterminatePosition attribute without an end date value. Example: <gml:endPosition indeterminatePosition="now"/>
4 gex:verticalElement 0..* gex:EX_VerticalExtent Mandatory when gex:description, gex:geographicElement, and gex:temporalElement are not present.

Minimum and maximum vertical extent of the resource.

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