EX VerticalExtent

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Minimum and maximum vertical extent of the resource. Recommended if your resource has vertical coverage.

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 gex:minimumValue 1 gco:Real Lowest vertical extent contained in the dataset. minimumValue: 3600
2 gex:maximumValue 1 gco:Real Highest vertical extent contained in the dataset. maximumValue: 3100
3 gex:verticalCRSId 0..1 mrs:MD_ReferenceSystem Mandatory if gex:verticalCRS is not present
4 gex:verticalCRS 0..1 CRS (need more info) Mandatory if gex:verticalCRSId is not present
Vertical coordinate reference system. Recommend referencing EPSG codes with an XLink instead of populating this section.
xlink:title="msl depth in meters" xlink:actuate="onRequest"

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