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Designations for the measuring instruments and their bands, the platform carrying them, and the mission to which the data contributes

Elements Domain Definition and Recommended Practice Examples
1 mac:scope 1 mcc:MD_Scope
2 mac:instrument 0..* mac:MI_Instrument General information about the instrument used for data acquisition.
3 mac:operation 0..* mac:MI_Operation General information about the activity which provided the data.
4 mac:platform 0..* mac:MI_Platform General information about the platform from which the data were collected.
5 mac:acquisitionPlan 0..* mac:MI_Plan Identification of the plan for acquired data.
6 mac:objective 0..* mac:MI_Objective Identification of the data acquisition goal.
7 mac:acquisitionRequirement 0..* mac:MI_Requirement Identifies the requirement the data acquisition plan intends to satisfy.
8 mac:environmentalConditions 0..1 mac:MI_EnvironmentalRecord Information about the environmental conditions during the acquisition.

ISO Legend

Possible Parent Elements

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