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Location_Configuration_for_Points Description: [[TermDesc::This is a python dictionary created by a human. It contains the name and columns of Location Table for Points. Used by Feature Processor for Points]]

Glossary Domain: WCS

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In it's simplest case, SQL views are used to create required location table, so no aliasing is needed.

   location_info = {

These are the standard names that datafed uses:

  • The dimension name is "location".
  • No aliasing is needed, since the DB table/view and column names are standard.
  • The view/table name in the DB is "location".
  • The columns are lat", "lon" and "loc_code" and loc_code is a text type, not an integer.


In the CIRA/VIEWS case, table and fields are aliased:

   VIEWS_location_info = {
  • The dimension name is still "location"
  • The location table is called "Site"
  • "SiteCode", "Latitude" and "Longitude" are aliased to "loc_code", "lat" and "lon".