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Feature_Processor_for_Points Description: [[TermDesc::This component reads the location table out of an SQL database. It gets the requested feature from the query and gets the relevant SQL table and column names from the Location Configuration information. Then it creates an SQL query, which is executed in the SQL database engine, and the resulting rows are written to a CSV file. Used for station point data in WFS GetFeature Query.]]

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Web Feature Service, WFS, is good in publishing geographic information that does not change by time.

With datafed WCS it is used to publish the location table for point data, because WCS DescribeCoverage Document does not support such rich dimensions well and location tables are static geographic information.

The component that performs three different activities:

  • WFS Query Parser. The syntax is checked and output is binary object of all the query elements.
  • Subsetter.
    • Each field may have different location table. If a the data is sparse, some fields have data only in a few locations, it makes sense to return only those locations.
    • Locations may also be filtered by geographic bounding box.
    • Other WFS filters are not implemented.
  • Formatter. The data is returned in desired format. Currently the only supported is CSV, Comma Separated Values

CIRA/VIEWS location table