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LE ProcessStep extends LI ProcessStep by adding sections that allow you to document the processing information, outputs and reports (rows 6 - 8).

Elements Definition and Recommended Practice
1 description 1 General description of the events in the development of the resource. When the resource has a status of 'ongoing', this can be a summary of the workflow.
2 rationale 0..1 Purpose for performing the process on the resource.
3 dateTime 0..1 The date and time when the process was completed. Not applicable for resources with status of 'ongoing'.
4 processor 0..* Individual and/or organization responsible for the process step. Use roleCode='processor'. Contact information is not necessary.
5 source 0..* Information on the inputs used in the development of the resource. Provide citations to the input data. This is especially valuable to processed satellite data and model output.
6 processingInformation 0..* Comprehensive information about the procedure by which the algorithm was applied to derive geographic data from the raw instrument measurements, such as datasets, software used, and the processing environment.
7 output 0..* Description of the product generated as a result of the process step.
8 report 0..* Report generated by the process step.
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