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ESIP Preservation and Stewardship Cluster Monthly Telecon 2011-02-09

Present: Nancy, Bruce Barkstrom, Erin, Greg, Hampapuram Ramapriyan, Regina Oglesby, Curt Tilmes, Mark, Ruth Duerr, John, Hook Hua, Chris Lynnes, Al Fleig

  • ESIP Winter Meeting Review - Comments from meeting (Curt)
    • Bruce – Need more discussion and face-to-face contact at the next meeting; valuable to hear from the “quiet” people as done at the winter meeting to get everyone’s input
    • Curt –
    • Mark - Stick to time and have discussion session and keep the discussion moderated
    • Erin – Have a day of open meetings as it may be more conducive to discussion sessions
    • Ruth – Not necessary to be in different rooms at the same time have different discussions (Erin agreed and Mark disagreed)
  • Collaboration check-in and feedback (Curt)
    • Strong recommendation for web forums
    • Bruce – Helpful to have a “human editor” to organize the discussions and then make this info the core of material that would lead to papers. Erin concurred and said this is the direction ESIP is moving towards and Erin will be organizing wiki content. Add workshop to list of activity and townhalls
  • ESIP Stewardship Principles and Best Practices – What’s next? (Curt)
    • Document voted to move to executive committee for action and it’s now in the hands of the executive committee
    • Concern about wording, such as “must & shall”
  • IDS Paper (Ruth)
    • Identifiers paper submitted and awaiting first set of reviewer comments. Should this be an open paper? Yes, so it’s freely accessible. However, the journal charges money to make it an open paper, but too expensive ($3k – Journal of Earth Science Informatics). Everyone’s in favor of open access but there’s a question as to where to obtain funding to do this. Self-publish on own personal website to off-set the expense or in the institution’s repository, but cannot be made public
  • IDS Testbed Activities (Nancy)
    • Proposal to join EZID went to the ESIP meeting for consideration
  • Provenance Paper (Curt)
    • Still working on it – no new updates to report
  • Provenance and Context Content Standard (Rama)
    • External user documentation and ATBD’s
    • Bruce sent material and Curt took notes from the meeting regarding column headings for the spreadsheet
    • First draft of spreadsheet should be ready by month’s end
    • Types of info that need to be captured – category, content name, description, rationale, priority, how content will be represented and captured
  • Citations (Mark)
    • Need to start with use cases as this drives provenance and gives realistic goals
    • Need to reconsider citation use cases
    • IPY paper is step one – posted to wiki
    • Roadmap on agenda for next month – Mark
  • Ontology (Hook)
    • Make provenance ontology mappable to ISO lineage and make sure we’re capable of recording the same content in ISO
    • Need to be appropriate places in provenance trail to (???)
    • There should be an earth science profile of OPM (define common community based codification to include aspects of earth science)
    • Need to make sure there’s provenance or lineage information (subsection of ISO) within the ISO standard
    • Work on figuring out roadmap to take and cover this in next month’s telecon
  • Future Meetings (Curt)
    • ESIP summer meeting planning, July 12-15, Santa Fe
  1. Need to provide schedule of layout for meeting, times, etc.
  2. Need to give more specific and detailed meeting information
  • Fall AGU
  1. Session proposals due April 20


  1. ESIP Winter Meeting review
  2. ESIP Collaboration Check-in / Feedback
  3. Activities Status
    1. ESIP Stewardship Principles and Best Practices - What next?
    2. IDs paper - Ruth
    3. IDs testbed activities - Nancy
    4. Provenance paper - Curt
    5. Provenance and Context Content Standard - Rama
    6. Citations? - Mark?
    7. Ontology? - Hook?
  4. Future Meetings
    1. ESIP Summer Meeting planning
    2. Fall AGU?