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February 13, 2011


  • Introduction
  • Telecon Topic: TBD
    • Possible - review/outcome of ESRI Scientific Data Workshop (FEB 7-8 in Redlands, CA)
      • gathering of HDF, CF, NetCDF experts and Remote Sensing stakeholders
      • Sneha Rao (NASA/SEDAC) or Wenli Yang (GMU/NASA GES DISC)
  • Goal setting (next 6 mos)
    • Topic ideas for breakout sessions
      • Use-cases/demos
      • Invited speakers
  • Progress report on building best practices resource
  • Progress report on identifying reps to build an SME reference
  • Summer Meeting planning in Madison, WI (July 2012)
    • Ideas?
  • Conclusion and schedule for next telecon (March 2012)
    • Monday, March 19

Future Topics for 2012

2012 Telecons

  • March 12 - TBD
  • April 16 - TBD
  • May 21 - TBD
  • Jun 18 - TBD
  • Jul 9 - review/preparation for [ ESIP Summer Meeting 2012 (Madison, WI)
    • Possible demos
      • Demo of emissions work - Uma Shankar
      • Demo/presentation of WorldView - Ryan Boller

Previous Calls

January 23, 2012


  • Introduction
  • Invitation to active membership and participation/contribution
  • Telecon Topic:
    • Hyrax 1.8 release (including a WCS service that works with Hyrax) - OPeNDAP is interested in feedback from the cluster
    • Questions from OPeNDAP:
      • Our WCS service returns links to data that must be dereferenced to get the actual data file. Is that a problem for most clients?
      • The data file referenced is a netcdf3 data file. Is that a problem?
      • Our service returns all of its coverages in a single GetCapabilities response (i.e., one URL). Would it be better to have a separate URL for each coverage (and thus have only one coverage per GetCapabilities)?
    • If you have answers to these questions, please respond to James Gallagher or David Fulker directly, or send an email to the ESIP-geospatial mailing list.
    • Q&A from the group
      • If we install Hyrax, do we need to install Triple Store?
        • No. Triple Store comes with the WCS (in a jar file)
      • Which version of WCS are you implementing?
        • Version 1.1.2, which was the latest and greatest version at the time of development
  • Goal setting - what do we want to focus on over the next 6 mos?
    • Topic ideas for breakout sessions
      • Use-cases/demos
      • Invited speakers
      • Best practices
  • Identify reps to build an SME reference
    • Various formats
    • OPeNDAP
    • Open Source
    • etc.
  • Start thinking about the Summer Meeting in Madison, WI (July 2012)
    • Half-day or full-day agenda? How many breakout sessions? Ideas?
  • Conclusion and schedule for next telecon (February 2012)
    • When is the best time regular monthly telecons(what day of week/time)?