GEO User Requirements for Air Quality Participants

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AQ Analyst Group

Name Organization Position e-mail
Rudy Husar Washington Univ Analyst
Stefan Falke Washington Univ/Northrop Grumman Analyst
Janja Husar Washington Univ Sr. Scientist
Erin Robinson Washington Univ Scientist

AQ Advisory Group

The project is guided by an Advisory Group, consisting of about a dozen people with expertise relevant to EO needs in the air quality and health area, representing major regions of the world with emphasis on developing countries. The primary functions of the air quality and health Advisory Group are to:

  1. Review and briefly comment on the the project scope and approach (5 pages max) and participate in 1-hr telecon.
    1. Scope will be sent to AG July 3
    2. Comments to be returned by July 17
    3. Telecon week of July 20.
  2. Point us to documents that you are aware of pertaining observation needs on the topic of Air Quality and Health. Do not hesitate to refer to your own contributions.
  3. Review & comment on the draft report and Earth observation recommendations and participate in 2nd 1-hr telecon in September.

Advisory Group members will serve on a voluntary basis and their contributions will be recognized in the project report provided to GEO. The Advisory Group is ad hoc, existing only for Task US-09-01a and will expire in the Fall 2009.

Name Country Organization Specialty
Jeff Brooks Canada Env. Canada Air Quality
Jack Fishman US NASA Langley Air Quality
Barry Jessiman Canada Health Canada AQ and Health
Patrick Kinney US Columbia University AQ and Health
Jim Meagher US NOAA Air Quality
Rashmi S. Patil India IIT Bombay AQ and Health
Leonora Rojas Mexico National Institute of Ecology AQ and Health
Paulo Saldiva Brazil University of São Paulo AQ and Health
Rich Scheffe US EPA OAR/OAQPS Air Quality
Kjetil Tørseth Norway Norwegian Institute of Air Research Air Quality
Yuanhang Zhang * China Peking Univ Air Quality
Michael Gatari * Kenya Univ. of Nairobi Air Quality

* Pending acceptance