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Report on Webinar #2

Twenty-seven engaged participants. 12 North Carolinians signed up for the workshop within ~10 minutes of sharing the link.
This folder is available to the public. It contains slide decks, tips sheets, etc. from the Webinars
This folder is where Shelley keeps encouraging us to post all our drone resources so we have everything in one place.

Recruitment report

Workshop Planning

Here are the three potential outcomes we listed for this effort. Do these still represent reality?

Downloadable e-book of STEM activity suggestions
At workshop, distribute activities and seek feedback. Everything will then go to Preston.
Cadre of educators who can facilitate activities and data lifecycle planning
Opportunities for ESIP projects to offer follow-on data explorations

What do we need to do at the workshop and afterwards to get there?

Draft agenda

8:30am - Welcome, introductions, ESIP overview & distribute assembled drones to participants
9:00am - Invite a few participants to model best practices in safety and documentation (Use B4UFLY app* and fill out a flight data sheet) *Invite participants to download ahead of time
9:10am - Drone Aerodynamics 1: Goal: controlled flight. New pilots paired with experienced pilots. Encourage experienced folks to keep their hands in their pockets.
10:00am - Break
10:30 - ESIP Education sampler sessions (~10 minutes each - connections to drones if possible)
11:30 - Drone Aerodynamics 2: First, safety and documentation. UAV payloads for novices; Image gathering challenge for experienced. Share all of our suggested activity sheets and invite participant exploration, input, and feedback.
12:00 - Lunch
1:30 - Drone Aerodynamics 3
3:00 - Break
3:30 - Assign responsibilities for testing activities. Develop consensus on best practices for activity instructions. Outline timeline and milestones for e-book
4:40 - Evaluations & wrap-up

Next steps toward e-book of drone activities

August report to ExComm: Education Workshop @ summer meeting was a success. We were thrilled that two of our educators were FUNding Friday winners. We're considering getting set up on Open Science Framework to work with educators on the e-book. Shelley Olds, with help from Soren Scott, presented to ~35 mostly curriculum specialists at NSTA's STEM summit in Denver last month. Shelley Olds and Margaret Mooney both submitted AGU abstracts documenting our efforts. Made a broad invitation to our group for new initiatives that support ESIP's strategic goals. Will be preparing our budget over the next month.