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21 February 2019 (EST)~~ Feb 21 @ 2pm, 2019

Participants: Becky Reid LuAnn Dahlman Megan Carter Robert Downs Carla McAuliffe Elizabeth Joyner Katy Rico James Acker Shelley Olds Margaret Mooney


1. Winter Meeting - Ed Working Session Recap

  • Helped to generate interest, established connections
  • Need to seek out the right notebooks to have them prepared for teacher learning

2. What’s Next? Plans for Summer Meeting

  • LuAnn-- modifying the hurricane activity, adding in the pedagogy aspect ~90 minute activity
  • Fee? $50 registration fee, $250 stipend for showing up
  • A series of skills-building activities building up to LuAnn’s hurricane activity
  • Elizabeth - can send NASA materials to hand out
  • Do we want more than one??
  • Day: Wednesday

3. ESIP Education Committee Technology Permanent Loan & Lending Library

  • PocketLabs: Lending and Curriculum
    • Pocketlab air in production, not available yet (maybe end of March)
    • Waiting to hear back from Kalo about what he needs curriculum-wise - Check back with Kalo
    • Need to get a teacher (maybe summer program-oriented) lined up for borrowing the Pocketlabs; 1 year loan
    • Use summer meeting to recruit (teachers from previous years?)

4. Out2Lunch: schedule update, recruitment, ideas:

  • 2.1 March 13 - SuAVE - Ilya Zaslavsky, Spatial Information Systems Lab, UC San Diego
  • 2.2 March 20 - Science Pickle - John Pickle, Retired science & math teacher, Founder: Science Pickle
  • 2.3 March 27 - Weather and Climate Web Apps - Tom Whittaker, Researcher-Emeritus, CIMSS, SSEC
  • Shelley - to reach out to Concord Consortium for April 3 Out to Lunch

5. NESTA Share-a-Thons at NSTA National in St. Louis - Please sign up!! How about a flier to recruit for the summer workshop?

  • Sign up link:
  • Let’s make a flier for the summer workshop & PocketLab lending library!
  • Recruiting from people near-by (Washington, Oregon)
  • Reminder-- NESTA abstract deadline April 15th (Boston)
    • Think about this for our March meeting.

6. Earth Educators' Rendezvous - conflicts with Summer Meeting

  • Rendezvous date is standing, maybe in the future consider shifting ESIP or making them back-to-back in the same place?
  • Also a Gordon Research Conference at the same time

7. Wiki updates-- any updates to goals/implementation plan?

  • Katy is going to do updates to the wiki page
  • Shelley will send the 3 documents (summer workshop, Project work, Special Project)

8. Share your resources with NESTA ! Send Carla a blurb.

9. Need to put in the application for the summer workshop to ESIP - we can review/revise