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Attendees: Shelley Olds, Johanna Bozuwa, Margaret Mooney, Robert Downs


  1. Summer workshop planning
  2. Eclipse resources- spreading the word
  3. Poster for EER & ESIP Summer Meeting
  4. Identify top-level education resource page survey: Action item

Summer workshop planning

Eclipse resources- spreading the word

  • If people ask about this, we should point them to the Out2Lunch resource
  • Poster for EER & ESIP Summer Meetings
  • Checking: A search on EER shows we do not have an ESIP poster at EER. Is that correct? - Last summer it was accepted, but it wasn’t submitted for this year
  • Digital poster from the committees:
List of 2017 Accomplishments
Out 2 Lunch: need numbers
Drones in STEM workshops

Identify top-level education resource page survey 3 question survey via google forms, w/ short link to easily typed in.

  • Title
  • Link
  • What is this area/ resource good for?
  • See if we can make an announcement/slide to Erin - state of ESIP - to share to the huge group; ESIP all, and slack
  • The goal of this survey is to create a list of the education programs that ESIP partners provide. provide better visibility of the education and outreach our community offers
  • Good of the order: [everyone shares their recent related work, etc]
  • Bob: big data education
  • Maybe an idea to broadcast that ESIP education via Out2Lunch & other venues are promoting the usage of big data through these tools that the partners have developed
  • A lot of hype around big data so should leverage that hype
  • Career perspective - a list of “big data” skills in order to get a position in a data-oriented career?
  • Margaret: Looking forward to seeing everyone in Bloomington! Let’s have a lunch together