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Attendees: LuAnn Dalhman, Margaret Mooney, Rebecca Fowler, Alan Gould, Dan Zalles, Johanna Bozuwa, Preston Lewis, Robert Downs, Tamara Ledley, Patricia Reiff

2016 Strategic Plan - reviewed the education cluster’s strategic plan for input and approval

  • Once the strategic plan is finalized it will be posted on the wiki.
  • If you have anything you would like to add or refine, please reach out to Preston.
  • Education Committee Objective: potential to add “in-reach.” It may be helpful to disseminate a survey within ESIP to understand what outreach efforts other outreach clusters have already. This may be something to bring up at a goal-setting meeting right before the Summer Meeting.
  • Action: Alan to create potential survey questions.
  • Things our collaboration area needs to deliver our objectives? Remember to add ebook funding and call to othe ESIP member willing to serve as guest speakers about drones.
  • How will others know what we are doing in and out of ESIP? Ebook Distribution, professional conferences
  • Action: Tamara is coordinating the climate literacy at AGU meeting. Could submit an abstract to present.

Webinar #1 Report Out

  • Previous webinar went really well. Tapped into enthusiasm and kept an educator focus.
  • Upcoming Webinar #2: April 26th
  • LuAnn will introduce and Shelley will host
  • Provide example activities that the teachers can adapt
  • Best hands-on thing to do is to use sample data and then analyze it (Alan)
  • Differentiate between photography and the use of sensors. Two different types of data that are useful for analysis and important for teachers to understand the difference.
  • Action: Dan to create a sample activity that would help teachers to understand the different types of data
  • Action: Shelley is open to input, so please contact her if you have anything to add to the webinar.

Pre Event Survey

  • Before Webinar #2, add a first question to ask if they were in the first webinar. If so, it could send them to a tailored survey.
  • 2nd question: have you tried anything you’ve learned?
  • Before Summer Workshop: Margaret will disseminate a more in-depth questionnaire when registration opens for the Summer Drone Workshop. This is expected to fill up quickly.

Drone Activity eBook

  • All sample activities will be pulled together and tested at the summer workshop, refined, and then proposed for the ebook.
  • Funding: Funding Friday at the Summer Workshop, but also plan to pursue other avenues.