Discovery Testbed Requirements

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  • The Geoportal shall support ingest of Discovery-compliant endpoint services
    • Note: Discovery-compliancy is determined by conventions specified in approved DCPs.
  • The Geoportal shall support search of Discovery-compliant endpoint services
  • The Geoportal shall cast out registered services.

Requirements based on ServiceValidation use case

  • The Geoportal will support registration of services that conform to the following specifications:
  • The Geoportal should validate proposed services against supported specifications, and present the results of the validation to the user.
  • If a service fails validation, the geoportal should display the problems that are preventing it from being valid.
  • If a service passes validation, the service is published to the geoportal but is not yet discoverable. It will be made discoverable when the publisher indicates that they'd like it to be discoverable, through the Geoportal's management interface ("Administration" tab).