Discovery Governance Process Steps

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The following sequences of steps apply to each Discovery Change Proposal (DCP).

Call for change proposals

  • Editors invite community to submit change proposals
  • Include Context: ‘background’, ‘problem addressed’, ‘proposed solution’, ‘rationale for the solution’

Proposal review period

  • Community reviews and comments on change proposal
  • set a time limit for the review period.

Proposal revision

  • Editors revise proposal based on community feedback from the review.
  • Make sure community sees the revised version before voting.


  • ESIP wiki account holders can vote.
  • Change proposal adopted with majority of community votes and agreed upon by majority of editors.
    • Need 3/5 majority of Yays to Nays
    • The editors can veto.

Final review

  • Editors provide revised version of document on wiki.
  • Community provides final comments before finalization.


  • Proposal is approved by the community.
  • Should start looking into implementation conformance.