DisasterResponse telecon 2016-06-02

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Organizers: Karen Moe, Dave Jones, Sean Barberie


For our June 2 meeting I’d like to discuss ideas for an ESIP Disasters cluster workshop that Dave has proposed. This in addition to reviewing our 2 sessions at the ESIP Summer Meeting in July.

(Sent out by Karen Moe)

How to Join

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/691265765

You can also dial in using your phone. United States +1 (872) 240-3311

Access Code: 691-265-765 See you all at 1pm Pacific Time.


Disaster Cluster Telecon Notes: June 2, 2016 In attendance: Sean Barberie, Karen Moe, Dave Jones, Chandra Bales, Lindsey Harriman, Maggi Glasscoe, Michael McEniry, Robert Downs, Bob Chen, CIESIN Columbia University.

  • Idea under consideration: ESIP co-sponsoring a workshop.
  • Dave had a meeting with the Edison Electric Institute. Observed an exercise: all member utility companies want Edison Electric to act as coordinator for industry response to disasters.
  • Brought up Data-Driven Decision Making Workshop and Edison would be happy to host (in Washington DC, at 701 Pennsylvania Ave).
  • Action Item for next telecon: find a date that would work well for the workshop. In the sept timeframe.
  • Action Item: Sean will send out Doodle online poll for dates that may work.
  • Discussion: Operational focus versus a more specific focus; where do we find the sweet spot in disaster response workshops?
  • Possibly hold a 2 or 3 day workshop with different sections for different industries/sectors.
  • E.g. 3/4 day with utility companies, 1/2 day the following day with global disaster response, etc.
  • Discussion: Workshops as hands-on use-case scenarios. Possibly the best way to communicate our message.
  • Themes: Damage assessment in the case of utilities, transportation and weather tracking.
  • Discussion: there seems to be a missing niche for connecting utilities with trusted data sets. The federal government does offer some services, but they are too slow/risk-averse to be effective. How can we as a cluster facilitate trusted data-driven decision making?
  • Possible meeting with Emily Law to discuss her ideas about collaborating with ThinkHazard.
  • For July meeting, hopefully have a workshop outline.

Recording of Telecon

To access this and previously saved telecon recordings, click here. Log in as guest@esipfed.org, password Earth111.