DisasterResponse telecon 2016-03-03

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Organizers: Karen Moe, Dave Jones, Sean Barberie


(Sent out by Karen Moe)

  • Dave will provide an update on our Testbed project with AHC, an upcoming meeting in PHL and initial feedback from the Fleet Response Working Group.
  • Karen will discuss the ESIP strategic plan, and the Disasters Lifecycle plan alignment which is due March 8.
  • The ESIP Summer meeting is now open for sessions. We need to discuss our topics and I can submit a placeholder session description. We will want to brainstorm on our scope of topics and if one or two 90 minute sessions.
  • The AGU Fall Meeting session proposals are due April 20. We were successful last year by joining with 3 other proposals! At this time I’m not planning on a disasters-data topic (as it had limited response) but wanted to bring it up if others want to propose other session ideas.
  • While I’m discussing AGU, Honors Program candidate nominations are due March 8. As you may know the Falkenburg Award is co-sponsored by ESIP so please consider nominating your colleagues.

  • Finally I noticed that the OGC Testbed continues to focus on disaster response applications and would propose inviting someone to talk to us about their testbed.

How to Join

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone. https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/691265765

You can also dial in using your phone. United States +1 (872) 240-3311

Access Code: 691-265-765 See you all at 1pm Pacific Time.


ESIP Disaster Cluster Telecon In attendance: Dave Jones, Sean Barberie, Emily Law, Erin Robinson, Karen Moe, Maggi Glasscoe, Matt Tisdale, Michael McEniry, Robert Downs, Tom Wible.

highlighting today's agenda

  • test bed progress
  • strategic plan
  • esip summer meeting
  • AGU
  • Our next meeting will be moved to March 31st.

Dave's presentation on his work with AHC and the fleet response working group

File:Mar2016-Telecon-Multi-State Fleet-PPT-DaveJones20160303.pdf

  • AHC has been working to "get business back to business" since hurricane Sandy
  • Telecons every Wed at 10am with Fleet Response Working Group--sensitive information sharing sub-committee.
  • Using collaborative testbed work to build interoperability among data sets.
  • Telecom sector will eventually provide a live data stream.
  • demo of ingesting the old method (a spread sheet) into GeoCollaborate.
  • Working to get the testbed technology into the system so that geospatial products can be easily showcased.

discussing the strategic plan

  • We will need to come up with a specific work plan for fulfilling the goals outlined in the strategic plan.
  • Maggi's clearing house work overlaps nicely with Goal 2 in the strategic plan.
  • Is there an opportunity here to further engage with user communities?
  • For the Strategic Plan, we will start putting bullet points under items to delineate things we are already doing that align. This can also be a place to put things we are working towards.
  • Website showcase for highlighting accomplishments
  • We will be making edits to the strategic plan over the next week. Everyone can make comments to the google doc. Please make comments in a different color for tracking.
  • Strategic plan link is at the top of the wiki main page.

ESIP Summer Session

  • We typically request back to back sessions (a full morning or full afternoon)
  • We need to decide on what we want for our sessions.
  • Definitely something to showcase the testbed and something with the AHC.
  • Possible Cascade Rising talk (POC Maggi).
  • Could we have a session on trusted data sources?
  • We could have attendees call out needs and we could capture that information.
  • We should talk to Soren about trusted data sources. Soren is working on an evaluation framework based on the Open Science Framework.
  • Possible Xchangecore presentation on secure data sharing--particularly in the FEMA world.
  • Karen will draft a document for session proposals.


  • No current plans for another session.
  • Proposals due on the 20th.
  • There is an Honors Award Session at AGU; we should think about who we might want to nominate.